Never Cry Wolf

Never Cry Wolf
By Cynthia Eden 
Reviewed by Frances
I’m a fan of the tall, dark and handsome hero and the damsel in distress- sue me- but this one also has a fair dose of the ‘femme fatale’ too, with the heroine having her own ulterior motive. I loved the chemistry between Lucas and Sarah, and the edginess that Lucas embodied was what I remember best when recalling the experience of reading Never Cry Wolf.

There was a lot of paranormal beings in this book when all I really wanted to read about were the werewolves. The introduction of other mythical beings made me lose some interest in the book and I found myself skipping pages until there was dialogue between Lucas and Sarah.

Maybe it meant sacrificing the main parts of the plot, but for me, this book was about passion and the instinctual, unhinged desire of a werewolf for his mate. As a result, it turned a paranormal-action-romance into a full-blown romance novel in my eyes. One might call this a ‘trashy read’ but it was a much-appreciated break from the stiff, unfeeling research articles that have been a part of my reading in the past month.

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