Healing with Iodine

Healing with Iodine
By Dr Mark Sircus
Reviewed by Visnja

Healing with Iodine is a book which informs the reader of the importance of iodine for our general health. The author, Mark Sircus, describes how iodine deficiency may be responsible for the increase in cancer, heart disease, diabetes, other illnesses, as well as autism disorder. The book is particularly informative and insightful for anyone who is concerned about health and similar topics. Sircus outlines how the iodine that is found in salt evaporates in three days, therefore it is not a very healthy option. He suggests that people need to consume iodine in other forms or preparations such as topical iodine and iodine drops. According to Sircus, iodine in these forms can prevent cancers and other health issues.

*All suggestions are the opinion of the Author, and we encourage you to speak to your own doctor for health issues that concern you.


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