It Happens All The Time

It Happens All The Time
By Amy Hatvany
Reviewed by Lisa

This is the story of childhood friends, Amber and Tyler, who struggled through difficult teenage years together and trusted and depended on one another. Amber always saw Tyler as her platonic best friend, whereas Tyler hoped that one day there would be more between them.

After spending time apart to attend College, Amber returns home for the summer and begins to spend more time with Tyler, rekindling their friendship. Despite the fact that Amber is engaged to her college sweetheart, an intimacy begins to grow between them. One night, after having consumed too much alcohol and concerns about whether she’s getting married too young, Amber kisses Tyler.

What happens after the kiss will change their lives forever.

 This is the first book I read by Amy Hatvany and I loved it. It is essentially about the subject of consent and how two people can perceive the same situation so differently.  This was especially evident in how the narrative was delivered – from the female and the male perspective.  The story was sad, emotional, heartbreaking and reminiscent of the novel’s title.   It was a powerful book about an important and relevant issue, and even though it may be difficult for some people to read, it is definitely a novel that I highly recommend.

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