The Scandal

The Scandal
by Fredrik Backman
Reviewed by Claire Dorgan

This is an engaging book and well worth reading –

There is a note in the gun cabinet in Maya’s neat handwriting.

Happy, Ana. In ten years ‘time I see myself being happy. You too

This is a book which takes its reader on a journey to understand the mindset of the residents in a small, mostly forgotten town on the edge of a forest and its winning junior ice hockey team.

Bang, bang, bang, bang

If the junior team can win the championship then Beartown could rebuild itself with a new hockey academy and the promise of putting the town back on the map. But is this too much pressure on a team of seventeen year olds? They have been a team since they were seven but something else has grown as they have grown. A pack mentality and an all-for-one no matter what attitude prevails but which threatens to challenge the core beliefs of this hockey town.

Bang, bang, bang, bang

As in many sporting teams there is a key player with all the skill and talent to make the sponsors and the towns’ folk believe it can win. He gives the town a belief. But this is not just a book about Kevin Erdhal hockey prodigy but one about best friends, loss, passion and morality. It’s about Benjii, Amat and his mother, Peter and Kira Andersson and their family, Sune and David the coaches. It’s about future and whether you can stay silent in order to create that future.

Bang, bang, bang, bang

In closing, is the repetition of the bang sound the echoes of a gun or the thud or an associated sound of hockey?

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